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Young Portuguese and Mozambicans get together to meet perspectives about the World

On 2nd August, four young people headed to Mozambique to do a volunteering trip in which they will have the opportunity to get to know and work on projects and initiatives implemented by AIDGLOBAL in the area of Cooperation for Development.

Sofia Loureiro, 26 years old, Luís Afonso, 24 years old, both from the Social Democratic Youth (JSD), Ana Fernandes, 24 years old, and Rúben de Matos, 28 years old, from the Socialist Youth (JS) were selected, among other young candidates to the contest "TU - Voluntário" (YOU - Volunteer), and will be in Gaza Province, Chibuto district, to collaborate in some of the projects carried out by AIDGLOBAL, namely in the area of literacy and early childhood education, such as the expansion of the School Libraries Network of the Chibuto District, the creation and implementation of the Schools for Early Childhood in a rural context, the publication of bilingual children's literature books - in Portuguese and in Changana - and the training of teachers to promote reading in the classroom.

This visit to Mozambique, which will run until 12th August, is intended to be a volunteer trip that takes young members of Youth Parties to discover the local reality, and should implement an action of Development Education with their Youth, after their return to Portugal.

On 4th August, they went to the Portuguese Embassy, in Mozambique, and were received by the Ambassador Dr. António Costa Moura to share not only how this experience will be differentiating for their lives, but also the impact it will have on the core of their Partisan Youth.

During the visit of this delegation, on the morning of August 5th, at the Eduardo Mondlane University campus in Chibuto, there will be a meeting between young Portuguese and young Mozambican university students who will discuss, through Non Formal Education methodologies, various themes that will enable them to debate their perspectives on a single world, from a global north and global south perspective, in light of the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the same day, at 14h00, will be inaugurated the School Library of Primary School 1 and Grade 2 of Mudumeia, attended by more than 500 students, who will now have 1000 books at their disposal, in what will be the 28th school library to be created by AIDGLOBAL and that will integrate the School Libraries Network of Chibuto District, already with 27 libraries. The latter will rely on the voluntary work of these young people, following the work done by two other young Portuguese women, who were in Chibuto from 18th to 31st July, investing their holiday time to create this library and support the logistics of the material that arrived in a container in Mozambique in 2020, and was unable to be distributed due to COVID-19.

This initiative is part of the project "Youth in Politics - Participate for Global Citizenship (2nd edition)", which has been developed in Portugal since 2020 and will end in November this year, funded by Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P., and has as its target audience the Youth Political Parties, young people interested in politics, young people from associations and Youth Technicians. This project is promoted by AIDGLOBAL and has as partners the  Conselho Nacional da Juventude (National Youth Council) (CNJ), Federação Nacional das Associações Juvenis (National Federation of Youth Associations) (FNAJ)Dypall NetworkISCTE Center for International StudiesInstituto Português do Desporto e Juventude (IPDJ)Lisbon Youth Centre (CJL), and the Municipality of Santarém, and is supported by Mypolis.