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Grito de Mujer International Festival and the Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora distinguish Women from different areas of civil society intervention

For the tenth consecutive year, the Grito de Mujer International Festival and the Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora (CEMD) awarded prizes on March 24th to Lusophone women who have distinguished themselves in the most diverse areas of society.

The International Poetry and Art Festival Grito de Mujer Lisbon, 2024, coordinated by curator Delmar Maia Gonçalves, president of CEMD, a non-profit organization that promotes, publishes, studies and disseminates Mozambican Literature, and also founder and honorary member of AIDGLOBAL, took place at Livraria - Galeria Sá da Costa, and featured a series of activities dedicated to Women, including poetry readings.The ceremony began with the presentation of the first Merit Award to Susana Damasceno, founder and president of AIDGLOBAL's Board of Directors, for her exemplary work in Activism and Social Solidarity. As she was unable to attend the ceremony because she is in Mozambique, where the Organization is working on projects in the field of Early Childhood Education and greater access to books, Francisca Santos, communications, fundraising & public relations manager, was asked to represent her and dedicate this award to the employees and supporters who have been part of AIDGLOBAL`s history.

For the last 18 years, Susana Damasceno has dedicated herself to promoting quality education, contributing as a citizen to the demand for more human rights, better opportunities for all, greater social justice and the empowerment of more women.

They were also distinguished in 2024.

Arts: Francisca de Magalhães Barros, Rute Castro and Sónia Travassos (Portugal)
Oriental Dance: Susana Amira (Portugal)
Education: Ana Resende, Carla Ribeiro, Cátia Nunes, Chantal Miguel, Cláudia Pereira, Gabriela Moreira, Luísa Pinto, Patrícia Hilário, Rosa Castro and Sónia Martins (Portugal)
Research: Maria Fernanda Matias (Portugal)
Literature: Beatriz Aquino and Gisela Mendonça (Portugal) and Josina Viegas (Mozambique)
Politics: Linette Olofsson (Mozambique)
Production/Cultural Promotion/Editing: Avelina Ferraz (Portugal)

The presence of José Tiago Oliveira, a mathematician, and Roberto Moreno, a marketing specialist and founder of GEOpress - a non-profit socio-cultural media organization - should be highlighted. In previous editions, they have presented papers on women who have distinguished themselves in the fields of mathematics and marketing in Portugal and the world, and politics and history in Brazil.

This year, their participation was also recognized, because both bring to light the achievements of these women.

According to Delmar Maia Gonçalves, the awards are given annually to women as a way of highlighting their service to society, which rarely receives due recognition.

Due to the absence of the recipients, it was not possible to award prizes in the areas of Research, the Arts and Politics.

The corporate brand of "La Causa Grito de Mujer" and its International Poetry and Art Festival are projects created by Dominican writer Jael Uribe and have been entrusted, as part of her social mission, to the Fundación Movimiento Mujeres Poets Internacional MPI, inc., whose work began in 2009 in the Dominican Republic.

The Festival, a poetic-artistic initiative in honor of women and against violence, encompasses a series of simultaneous events that take place every year in more than 30 countries during the month of March.

It is made possible thanks to the generous support received from institutions and ambassadors of good will, friends and supporters of the Movement, with the participation of poets, artists, painters, actresses and actors, institutions and literary groups who embrace the cause.

The society greets and thanks "La Causa Grito de Mujer" for its educational activities, not only as a symbol of appreciation and homage to women, but also as an attentive look at Lusophony.